Lady Mishil (actress Ko Hyeon-jeong) Archenemy of Queen Seon Deok. As a beautiful seductress, she held sway over kings and the elite Hwarang corps. Her duty was to promote the children of the noble class to high positions, but instead she used her beauty to seduce King Jinheung and King Jinpyeong to wield enormous power. But Princess Cheonmyeong and Princess Deokman opposed her and stopped her from becoming the ruler.

She became the wife of Lord Seolwon, Lord Sejong and lover of King Jinji.

Mishil has Three sons Hajong,Bidam and Bojong. Hajong is the Lady Mishil's son with Lord Sejong, Bidam is with King Jinji whom she abandoned when she thought that she has no use for him anymore because King Jinji didn't proclaimed her as Queen of Shilla and Bojong her son with her lover Lord Seolwon became the Hwarang Leader.

She died in Episode 50.