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Queen Seon DeokEdit

Kim Alcheon(actor Lee Seung-Hyo) supported Princess Deokman and became the loyal Chief of Royal Palace Guard and also Deokman's personal bodyguard. Later become Sangdaedeung.


Kim Alcheon (阏川) activities era from 636 - 654, was member of Silla royal family. He became Hwarang at his young age and was famous general at that time.


Alcheon (along with Kim Yushin) supported Princess Deokman in politics and supported her in succeeding the throne after the death of her father, Jinpyeong of Silla. When Princess Deokman became Queen Seondeok of Silla, Alcheon became Chief Of Royal Palace Guard and also Seondeok's personal bodyguard. Later Alcheon was promote to Sangdaedeung in Queen Jiendeok reign who succeeded the throne after the death of Seondeok. After the death of Queen Jindeok, Alcheon became the favorite to take the throne of Silla. His father was a seonggol and his mother was a jingol which technically did not qualify him for the crown. However, Alcheon refused to take the crown and along with Kim Yushin they supported Kim ChunChu. As a result, Kim ChunChu succeeded the throne.