ChilSuk (Actor Ahn Kil-Kang) was the personal bodyguard of Lady Mishil that was sent to capture the other twin Deokman.

Chilsuk went as far to the Taklamakan Desert in China, to find to other twin which was Princess Deokman.

After learning that Deokman was the other twin, he tried to captured her and bring to Mishil to Seorabeol.

But Deokman fortunately escaped but leaving Sohwa behind after the quicksand and a harsh sandstorm. Chilsuk wandered and with him, Sohwa who he took care of with devotion. Soon, unconciously he fell in love for her.

When they came back to Seorabeol, Sohwa was under a shock that she cannot speak and almost like in a coma. He introdunced her to the courtiers using a different name to protect her. But Mishil later learned of his devotion with the former palace maid.

After Mishil's secound coup, they were ordered to surrender. But Chilsuk staged his own standoff to which Seokpum later joined and they both died with Chilsuk uttering Sohwa's name as his last word.

Chilsuk is also a Wonsanghwa and and highly-respected Hwarang warrior , which was second only to the Gukseon (Munno).